Saving Money With A Library Card

You don’t have to enjoy reading to take advantage of everything that your library has to offer.  In fact you don’t even have to like reading at all.  My bet is that your library still has plenty of entertainment options available.  Most modern libraries are not only stocked with books but also music cd’s, movies, magazines and computers connected to the Internet.  If you aren’t already a library member then go sign up – it’s free as long as it’s your local city library.  Once you are a member then let the savings commence. Check out these ways to save money with your library card:

Buy books no more.  Instead of going to Barnes and Noble to buy that new novel that you’re only going to read once why not just pick up a copy of it at the library?  It’s free!  You’re only going to read the book once anyway so there really is no reason to buy it.

Keep up on all your favorite gossip magazines.  I’m willing to bet that your library stocks Entertainment Weekly and US Weekly.  Why pay for these magazines when you can take a trip down to your library and read about Britney Spears or Brad Pitt to your hearts content.  If you don’t enjoy gossip magazines (I’ll stand up and be counted here) you still have plenty of other options including business magazines, money magazines (my personal favorite), car magazines and sports magazines.

Goodbye Netflix.  Sure it may not be quite as convenient as having movies delivered to your mailbox but your library is probably pretty well stocked with all of the latest movies to come out on DVD.  Why not take a stroll down to check out their collection?  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Can you think of any other ways to save money with your library card? Please leave your comment and if it’s a great idea I’d be more than happy to update this post with a shout out!

3 responses to “Saving Money With A Library Card”

  1. That depends on the library but in my experiences there are also free movie events, courses/classes, tutoring, crafting and all kinds of things for children like puppet shows, story hours, making crafts, drawing, reading contests with nice awards and more.

  2. There really are a lot of cool things at my local library. They have a huge computer lab and, like you said, music and movies too.

    Recently, I was doing some work on a car and I was able to find a copy of a Chilton Manual for it, which is one of the better manuals. That sure beat going out and buying a manual that I would probably only use once. The library really is an excellent source for both work and play.

  3. Take advantage of your full library “network” too. My local library has a pretty small selection of the books I like, but like most libraries these days, it’s linked in to a whole system of libraries, and probably one of them is carrying the specific book you want, even if it’s new. Usually you put in a request, and they take care of getting it to your branch.

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