Category: Frugality

  • Would You Rather Pay Now or Later?

    A few weeks ago, a friend asked about my decision to buy my son’s jeans from Old Navy, despite the fact that he’s outgrowing his clothes at an alarming rate. “Wouldn’t you rather buy cheaper jeans?” she asked. “That way it won’t hurt as much when you have to buy new ones in a month […]

  • Three Practical Strategies that Save Our Family Money

    There’s no way to even begin to estimate the number of changes that can be made that would save money. Just check out the advice of an untold number of ‘experts’ – online and off – who have compiled long, detailed lists of money saving tips to see what I mean. But no matter whose […]

  • The Results Are In On My Prepaid Cellular Experiment

    Three months ago I blogged about an experiment that my wife and I would be running: switching to a prepaid mobile plan with the intent to save money. The results are in and they aren’t exactly what I expected. Three months ago I hypothesized the following: Worst case scenario… I’m figuring we’ll usually be fine […]

  • Cut Down On Your Food Expenses By Gardening

    I’ve grown rather fond of gardening over the past year. I love spending time outside with the fresh air, the dirt, the bugs and the plants. I love to watch a seed (or a tiny plant) turn into a large fruit-bearing plant. I also love the fact that I can actually reduce my food expenses […]

  • Saving Money on Your Phone Bill

    I’m all about saving money, cutting expenses, or whatever you call it. Read how I cut my phone bill in half by going with a prepaid plan.

  • 355 Money Saving Tips

    Like so many of my personal finance blogging peers, I believe that anyone can excel at managing their personal finances; I believe that anyone can become financially independent. Most people just need a little bit of advice and an occasional hand to hold. While I can’t necessarily hold your hand (hard to do over the […]

  • 22 Random Things You Can Get For Free

    I ran across an interesting post the other day where Koka Sexton, a self-proclaimed geek blogger, listed “The 22 most unknown free things anyone can have” (is the grammar on that weird or is it just me?). Now I’m not usually one to pass up anything for free so I took a closer look at […]