About Debit versus Credit

Debit versus Credit is a blog on personal finance and the happenings in the business world as envisioned by its creator, Joseph.  He is a Global Business major with an emphasis in finance at the School of Global Management and Leadership at Arizona State University.

Joseph has been working in the banking industry since 2005. He plans to become a financial adviser after completing his education and came up with the idea for Debit versus Credit one day while helping a friend out with some questions about credit. Joseph is absolutely interested in hearing from you, whether it be just to say hello or to ask a question about finance, please do not hesitate to send in your comments or an e-mail to him and he will do his best to respond to all messages received.

If you are versed in personal finance, business or entrepreneurship and would be interested in providing occasional content for Debit versus Credit please send us an e-mail including a brief write-up about yourself and your interests, and then of course a sample blog post.

Legal Disclaimer: Any advice or information found on this site should not be construed as financial advice. Debit versus Credit is not a professional financial planning site, but rather one man’s personal thoughts and opinions.

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Advertising Policy: Debit versus Credit may occasionally do a sponsored product review, but rest assured that any review you are reading is my sole and personal opinion (and one that hasn’t been bribed or otherwise tempted to exaggerate). I do sell advertising space on the site and the occasional affiliate marketing offer as well, but I do not attempt to hide an affiliate link or an ad as anything other than what it is — a means of earning money. For example, I’ll have occasional text ads, which you’ll notice are clearly marked with the heading of “Sponsors.” If you have any questions about my advertising policy or are interested in advertising on Debit versus Credit please send me an e-mail or use the comment form here.