22 Random Things You Can Get For Free

I ran across an interesting post the other day where Koka Sexton, a self-proclaimed geek blogger, listed “The 22 most unknown free things anyone can have” (is the grammar on that weird or is it just me?). Now I’m not usually one to pass up anything for free so I took a closer look at the post and realized there were some pretty cool ideas on there. I’d like to share just a few of my favorites with you (of course you can follow the link above for the full post).

Online classes from MIT. Apparently MIT offers free courses online on subjects of all sorts. I checked out the website and there are tons of courses you can download. Not bad for an Ivy League education eh?

Free language lessons from the BBC. Who knew that the BBC would be in the business of offering free language lessons? I sure didn’t. But sure enough I checked out their site and they offer lessons in many languages. Now I have no excuse not to learn Spanish.

Free directory assistance calls. If you’ve ever had to call 411 for directory assistance you’ve surely been annoyed at the surcharge on your phone bill. Lucky for you there is a free directory assistance service out there. The catch? You have to listen to a 20 second advertisement before you get your service. Worth it? I’d think to most people it would be. I have no problem listening to a 20 second advertisement to save a couple of bucks.

Free (and legal) Music Downloads. Everyone loves music. Everyone loves free stuff. Put the two together and you have yourself a winning formula. This article has many links to different sites that offer either streaming or downloadable music, all for free!

That’s all I want to share with you here, but if you’re interested in more I’d definitely checking out the original post.

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  1. I also use googles directory assistance. They only have business listings but it locates and automatically dials the number for you… 1-800-GOOG-411

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