I Need To Rollover My Old 401k

I’m often lazy when it comes to managing my money. I’ve talked about automating a million times before and that’s because I automate everything I can. The more I automate the less chance I have of screwing something up. Unfortunately sometimes you’ve got to do something that just can’t be automated. Switching banks for example, or rolling over a 401k. The latter is what I need to take care of at the moment. It’s been three months since I quit my last job and I have yet to rollover my 401k.

Thermometer at the top

Many of the regular readers here know that I recently quit my old job and took on a new job with a startup.I don’t have a 401k at my new job (yet) and I haven’t set up an IRA yet either (and I call myself a financial nerd — I’m going to be burned at the stake when other PF Bloggers read this!) since I quit my old job. I also have yet to rollover my old 401k. The procrastinate-o-meter is boiling over the top here.

I think part of what has me procrastinating is I’m not sure where I want to roll my 401k over to yet. For convenience I’ve been leaning toward USAA (since that’s where a huge amount of my financial accounts are already), but I’m also considering Vanguard and maybe even T Rowe Price. Who do you all have your IRA/401k Rollovers with? Any recommendations? J Money would undoubtedly say USAA ( sometimes I think he’s on their payroll 😛 ). What say you?

I’ve been known to use this blog in the past to check myself (before I wreck myself). I’ll be doing that with this. I owe all of you an update in a weeks time. If I haven’t at least begun the rollover process on my 401k then I’ll either share a dirty secret with all of you… or eat my hat. I’ll let you decide if it comes to that.


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