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  • An Interesting Thought On Investor Psychology

    In my Investing class yesterday I learned some interesting stuff about investor psychology and I wanted to share just a small section of it with you today. We’ll start things off first with two scenarios, so I can do a little case study of my own (and because they’re just fun!). Let’s take a look […]

  • Are You Still Actively Investing?

    The market has been more than crazy over the past several months. It’s a bit depressing to look at all of the losses that I’ve had, at least on paper, but I know that eventually it’ll all come back. Nonetheless it’s definitely scary out there for a lot of people. I’m interested to know how […]

  • Personal Finance Tips & Advice to Start the Week

    We all have bad habits, especially those related to our own financial well-being.  Some of us have a compulsive shoe buying habit while others might not be able to go without that Vente latte from Starbucks in the morning. Then there are some who just need some advice on where to park their money or […]

  • Investing for Beginners: Analyzing Financial Statements, pt. 2

    Today we’ll be continuing the Investing for Beginners series with an introduction to interpreting a companies Balance Sheet as well as their Statement of Cash Flows.  Let’s begin with the balance sheet. The Balance Sheet There are a lot more rows to this one eh? Don’t get intimidated, there is nothing to it! I promise. […]

  • Choosing the Right Financial Institutions

    I’ve been an employee of a local credit union for about two years now, and I’ve heard stories from a lot of people who have savings, checking accounts, loans or investment accounts at other financial institutions. I myself used to bank with one of the big banks and ever since I switched my accounts over […]

  • Investing For Beginners: Analyzing Financial Statements

    Today I’ll be continuing the multi-part series Investing for Beginners.  Don’t forget to read the first part, Stock Market Basics if you haven’t already.  If you want to keep updated with new additions to the Investing for Beginners series then don’t forget to subscribe to the Debit versus Credit RSS feed.  Today I’ll be covering […]

  • Buffett’s Buying – But Should You?

    If you read any financial news at all, then you’re likely to have read about Warren Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha” and his proclamation to the world that he’s buying stocks.  A would-be investor would naturally assume that if Warren Buffett (who has made his fortune from the stock market) is buying then now is […]