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  • Why I’m Buying Shares Of GE

    I don’t often disclose any of my investment decisions here on Debit versus Credit. With that being said I would like to disclose that I have made a small purchase of shares in GE. I wish I could make a larger investment (at least 100 shares), but at this point I’m in no position to […]

  • The Rule of 72

    I’m a huge fan of math tricks, especially when it makes solving complex issues just a little bit easier. There’s a great trick that can be used to easily figure out how long it will take compounding interest to double your investment: it’s called The Rule of 72. This is an easy trick. You simply […]

  • Determining Your Future Return With A Fixed Income Investment

    If you’ve ever wondered how much money you’ll have at the end of a certain amount of time after investing in a fixed-income investment then this formula will come in quite handy. It’s called the compound interest formula and is actually quite easy to work with. Future Return = P(1 + R)^T Don’t be intimidated […]

  • A Lesson On Compound Interest

    Compound Interest Is The Most Powerful Force In The Universe. There is a good chance that you have heard this quote before. Any guesses on who it was that originally said it? If you guessed Albert Einstein then you are correct and you should absolutely reward yourself with something nice… maybe a cookie or some […]

  • Have You Made Your Financial Resolutions?

    I spoke earlier about how it’s important to set personal finance goals. Today I’d like to expound on this idea a little. It’s absolutely important to sit down and make finance related goals, and what better time to do this than at the start of a new year? Of course if you’re going to sit […]

  • Best of Debit versus Credit, December 2008

    December marked the end of a unique year. We saw everything from a major financial catastrophe to a historical presidential election. Here at Debit versus Credit we saw some interesting articles as well on everything from Investor Psychology to an argument in favor of making as small a down payment on a home as possible. […]

  • Monday Movie Madness: In Dividends We Trust?

    I saw an interesting movie on TheStreet.com today about GE and Dow Chemical and their promise to continue to pay dividends on their stock. I actually hold some shares in GE and so I was interested to see what TheStreet had to say about their pledge to continue paying out dividends. Check it out. I […]