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  • Emotions Have No Place With Investing

    Investing and emotions don’t belong together. They never have and they never will. In fact if you want a sure fire way to lose money while investing then by all means let your emotions make your decisions. However if you are in it for the long haul and just want to grow your wealth by […]

  • Starting on the Road to Wealth

    I’ve heard it said that wealth is a state of mind. There may indeed be some truth behind that saying, but when you go by the book being wealthy means having money or other monetarily valuable possessions. Take the Joneses, your neighbors who seem to have everything. They may have a lot of material possessions… but do they have any real assets?

  • What You Need To Know About New Roth IRA Rules

    Roth IRA’s are a great way to save for the future. For those unaware a Roth IRA is just a different spin on the traditional IRA. Instead of seeing tax benefits up front – such as when you contribute to an IRA – you see your tax benefits on the back end: when you actually […]

  • The Dividend Investor

    You’ve likely heard the phrase, “cash is king.” To be sure cash is important, not only to companies but also to individuals. Without it we’re bankrupt and in a world of hurt. The dividend investor takes the phrase “cash is king” very literally. They invest a good majority of their portfolio in anything that pays […]

  • Why I’m Buying Shares Of GE

    I don’t often disclose any of my investment decisions here on Debit versus Credit. With that being said I would like to disclose that I have made a small purchase of shares in GE. I wish I could make a larger investment (at least 100 shares), but at this point I’m in no position to […]

  • Monday Movie Madness: In Dividends We Trust?

    I saw an interesting movie on today about GE and Dow Chemical and their promise to continue to pay dividends on their stock. I actually hold some shares in GE and so I was interested to see what TheStreet had to say about their pledge to continue paying out dividends. Check it out. I […]

  • An Interesting Thought On Investor Psychology

    In my Investing class yesterday I learned some interesting stuff about investor psychology and I wanted to share just a small section of it with you today. We’ll start things off first with two scenarios, so I can do a little case study of my own (and because they’re just fun!). Let’s take a look […]