Some People Do Terrible Things for Money

I was going through some of my old ‘saved’ articles on Instapaper when I ran across this one: $150 Million Trust Fund Stolen From Poor Children In Panama, Lawsuit Claims. It’s a bit of  a dull read at times because of all of the ‘legalese’ but the point is outlined in the title. Here’s a brief summary:

A Florida attorney, Richard Lehman, is suing political officials throughout Panama with corruption, bribery, theft and more. This is all over the estate of said attorneys former friend and client, Wilson Lucom, who signed a will leaving the majority of his $50 million fortune to a trust fund to benefit the poor and needy children of Panama. Lucom also left his wife, Hilda Piza Lucom, a monthly allowance of $20,000(!) and the right to live in and use their marital home. Unfortunately Hilda wanted much more than she was left. She disputed the will through two seperate courts, both ruling in favor of it before finally taking it to the Supreme Court of Panama where they named Hilda as the “universal heir” and gave her full control of the entire fortune.

I’m not going to go into the rest of the story (the link is above if you’re interested) because it keeps going, but suffice it to say that something fishy happened there and it’s a true shame that money that should have been given to help Panamanian children have a better life is instead going to someone who already had a fantastic amount of money. It boggles my mind the things that people will do for money. This story is about eight months old, and unfortunately I haven’t found the resolution, but hopefully things worked out for the children. Have any of you heard any stories recently about greed taking away from those in need?

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