Friday Book Club

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start up a “book club” here at Debit versus Credit. I love reading whenever I get the chance to do so and I especially enjoy personal finance books so I’ve decided to share my love of these books along with the lessons I am able to learn from them with all of you, my faithful Debit versus Credit readers.

Every Friday I will comment on a number of chapters from whatever personal finance book I happen to be currently reading. I have a few goals that I hope to accomplish by starting up this Friday Book Club. First I’d like to be able to share what I’m learning with all of you. Secondly I feel that I will be able to absorb the material much more effectively if I review it and sum it up, in a manner of speaking. Then finally I think it would be beneficial to show you how these lessons can be applied to ones own life by relating whatever it is that I’m learning to things I’ve seen, heard or experienced personally.

I hope that the Friday Book Club is something that you will be able to enjoy and hopefully even join along with me with my current readings . Please do submit comments on what you were able to learn, or even some experiences that relate to the lesson at hand.

You can begin reading my first Friday Book Club recap by clicking the link below:

The Automatic Millionaire: Chapter One

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