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  • Weekend Reading: June 14th

    Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Reading. A lot of blogs out there do this and I think it’s a fantastic idea. Most of the following links are from my blogroll, so I’d definitely recommend your taking the time to go through the blogs I link to occasionally. There’s some great information out there. […]

  • Mutual Funds 101

    I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about investing. She just recently received her tax refund and had yet to “spend it” as she said. Naturally I suggested that she invest it. We got to talking about what she might invest her money in and since she has absolutely no investing […]

  • The Worst Years of My (Financial) Life

    I have a confession to make. It wasn’t very long ago that I experienced the worst few years of my life, financially speaking. In the latter-half of 2004 I began my adult life full-force, and I hate to admit, but I began it quite poorly. In not very much time at all I managed to […]