Tag: Building Wealth

  • Building Wealth at the Grand Opening

    These burgers were world famous and, when the doors flew open, they’d be free. Usually going for $2.49, the memory of their flavor had made scores of people camp out on the sidewalk. And that’s when it hit me. “Free”? If I ate as many as I could, would it make up for the two days of sitting out here, chatting away with my buddy, singing songs with the tent people? At $300/billable hour at my firm, not even close.

  • Make it Automatic

    How much is your time worth? What are you paying yourself for every hour you work?  Today over 75% of those retiring have only social security to depend on.  The retirement lifestyle this creates is not one filled with the dreams from your youth.  It is one that lacks the funds for travels you thought […]

  • It’s time for the Financial Blogger Conference!

    I’m on my way to Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference, 2011. I’ve got a jam packed weekend ahead of me, between a service project, the conference itself and even a party, hosted by THE MAN himself, Ramit Sethi of Iwillteachyoutoberich. I’ll be learning a lot about blogging, monetization, and meeting up with hundreds of […]

  • Build Wealth by Investing in Mutual Funds

    Everyone wants to know what the next hot stock will be. What they all fail to realize is that investing isn’t about picking the right stocks at the right time. Investing isn’t sexy like those jerks on Wall Street portray it — in fact if you want to lose lots of money very quickly you […]