Tag: Budgeting

  • Starting a Family on a Budget

    This is a guest post by Holly Miller, who writes for Coupon Croc. If you do not keep tabs on your spending habits, they can easily get out of control. When starting a family on a limited income, budgeting is especially important. Families with limited resources face additional pressure when it comes to keeping spending […]

  • Starting on the Road to Wealth

    I’ve heard it said that wealth is a state of mind. There may indeed be some truth behind that saying, but when you go by the book being wealthy means having money or other monetarily valuable possessions. Take the Joneses, your neighbors who seem to have everything. They may have a lot of material possessions… but do they have any real assets?

  • Personal Finance Software Walkthrough: Mint.com

    If you’ve ever used Quicken, Microsoft Money or another personal finance software program you know how easy they can make it to track your spending habits and other finance related things, such as your investment performance. Mint is personal finance software that is somewhat along the lines of Quicken and MS Money, but with a […]

  • When Looking Forward Don’t Forget To Look Back

    The start of a new year, new month or even a new day is a great time to look forward to what you want to accomplish. Do you remember the phrase “Carpe Diem” from that horribly depressing movie, Dead Poet’s Society? It means “seize the day.” There really is no better day than today to decide […]

  • Personal Finance Tips & Advice to Start the Week

    We all have bad habits, especially those related to our own financial well-being.  Some of us have a compulsive shoe buying habit while others might not be able to go without that Vente latte from Starbucks in the morning. Then there are some who just need some advice on where to park their money or […]

  • Why Lauren Willis Is Wrong About Money

    I ran across an interesting article the other day which featured an interview with Lauren Willis, an associate law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.  The name of the article is Why You Can’t Teach Money and it’s a question and answer session between a writer at Money Magazine and Lauren Willis.  Lauren […]

  • Time To Re-Evaluate The Budget

    ($10,112.01) That’s a large number.  A much larger number than I thought it would be.  That number right there is how much we have paid on our primary Visa credit card this year.  I should explain something.  We don’t carry credit card balances on a month to month basis.  When I get a credit card […]