February 2009

Debit versus Credit

Finance 101

You likely know the difference between using your credit card or your debit card, but do you know when it’s more appropriate to use your credit card rather than your debit card, or vice versa? The most obvious difference between using your credit card or your debit card is the way the funds are taken […]

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The Dividend Investor


You’ve likely heard the phrase, “cash is king.” To be sure cash is important, not only to companies but also to individuals. Without it we’re bankrupt and in a world of hurt. The dividend investor takes the phrase “cash is king” very literally. They invest a good majority of their portfolio in anything that pays […]

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An Economist’s View On The Bank Bailout

The Economy

It’s clear that for all of the money spent by the U.S. Government in trying to revitalize the U.S. economy (and hopefully by extension, the world economy) not much has actually been accomplished. We seem to be throwing money at anyone who will take it, but nothing good really seems to be happening from it. […]

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Why Now May Not Be The Time To Buy A House

Personal Finance

I’ve been looking at real estate for about a month now, wondering if the time is right to buy a home, or if I should continue to wait. Unfortunately I may never know the answer to that question, as it’s almost always impossible to time the market. I can, however, use statistics and reason to […]

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22 Random Things You Can Get For Free


I ran across an interesting post the other day where Koka Sexton, a self-proclaimed geek blogger, listed “The 22 most unknown free things anyone can have” (is the grammar on that weird or is it just me?). Now I’m not usually one to pass up anything for free so I took a closer look at […]

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Why I’m Buying Shares Of GE


I don’t often disclose any of my investment decisions here on Debit versus Credit. With that being said I would like to disclose that I have made a small purchase of shares in GE. I wish I could make a larger investment (at least 100 shares), but at this point I’m in no position to […]

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10 Personal Finance Blogs That Can Save You Money

Personal Finance

I’ve mentioned before that I love to read financial news and financial articles. I’m borderline obsessed with personal finance and I’ve spent the past couple of years searching out the best of the best. Today I’d like to share with you some of the best Personal Finance Blogs that can save you money with their […]

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