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  • 4 Lessons I’ve Learned on My Quest for Financial Freedom

    Most things that are worth doing aren’t easy. That said, getting to financial freedom doesn’t have to be entirely difficult. In my quest for financial freedom I’ve struggled and I’ve also had some success.  I’ve learned a few things that have been important in both my personal growth and that of my estate. I’d like […]

  • Must Read Posts That I Linked To on Twitter the Week of July 18th

    I’m constantly scouring the internet for interesting articles and posts about personal finance, entrepreneurship, business trends and whatever else I happen to find interesting at the time. I then turn around and share the best material I can find with my followers on twitter. I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the […]

  • Best Of Debit versus Credit, February 2009

    Another month has come and gone and with the new month comes the desert heat – in fact it was in the low 90’s just the other day. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it also means that it’s time for another Best Of post. That’s right! All of the best posts […]

  • The Best of Debit versus Credit, Jan 2009

    January was a difficult month at Debit versus Credit. Not only did I begin my final semester of studies as an undergrad, but I nearly lost about a month and a half’s worth of work here when the database crashed. Thankfully I was able to recover all of my missing posts thanks to the wonderful […]

  • Best of Debit versus Credit, December 2008

    December marked the end of a unique year. We saw everything from a major financial catastrophe to a historical presidential election. Here at Debit versus Credit we saw some interesting articles as well on everything from Investor Psychology to an argument in favor of making as small a down payment on a home as possible. […]

  • The Economy’s In Shambles, So What Do You Want To Know?

    There’s been a lot of crazy stuff going on out in the world lately.  We’re facing wars and economic issues and even weather phenomena.  Sometimes it’s hard to focus on what’s important when you are bombarded with different forces in every waking aspect of life.  It may be difficult to concentrate on your financial situation […]

  • Time For A Financial Checkup

    It’s midway through the year.  How have you done with the financial goals you set for yourself in January?  If you never set any that’s ok.  It’s never too late to start.  It’s a good time to check your finances and make any necessary adjustments to keep yourself on the right track to financial independence.  […]