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  • A Blatant Disregard for Debt

    A former coworker would constantly get calls from collection agencies while at work. He’d answer sometimes and pretend he didn’t speak any English. Whether he answered or not he’d always complain about x bank or y company calling to try and collect money from him. At first I felt a little bad for him, after […]

  • A Quick Guide To Repairing Your Finances After College

    If you are the super sensible type of college grad who spent all of your time at school working hard to stay afloat, you might well have come out with your diploma as well as a nice pot of savings – or at least not too much debt. If on the other hand you didn’t (like 99% […]

  • What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

    What does financial freedom mean to you? A million dollars? No debt? Passive income? I share my definition of financial independence, come share yours!

  • 355 Money Saving Tips

    Like so many of my personal finance blogging peers, I believe that anyone can excel at managing their personal finances; I believe that anyone can become financially independent. Most people just need a little bit of advice and an occasional hand to hold. While I can’t necessarily hold your hand (hard to do over the […]

  • Credit Repair For Sale: Just Say No

    We will clean your credit up, no matter how bad it is. Bankruptcies, bad loans, judgments and liens – we can remove it all. You’ve probably heard lines similar to this before. Maybe you heard it on the radio, maybe you saw a commercial on television, or maybe you saw an ad online or in […]

  • What Would You Tell The Grad Student with A Loan Maturing Soon?

    Ann R. writes: I have a 5 year fixed rate mortgage loan that will be maturing April 1, 2009. The current balance is $20,500 and the rate is 6.75%. I am no longer living in the property and have been renting it for the past three years (same tenants) and I resigned from my job […]

  • 5 Must Read Tips For New Graduates

    Many of you know that I’m currently attending Arizona State University where I’m working on a Global Business/Financial Management Degree. Well I’m coming to the end of the line at ASU, as I am on track to graduate in May. I’m getting pretty excited to graduate and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find […]