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  • A Quick Guide To Repairing Your Finances After College

    If you are the super sensible type of college grad who spent all of your time at school working hard to stay afloat, you might well have come out with your diploma as well as a nice pot of savings – or at least not too much debt. If on the other hand you didn’t (like 99% […]

  • Debit versus Credit

    You likely know the difference between using your credit card or your debit card, but do you know when it’s more appropriate to use your credit card rather than your debit card, or vice versa? The most obvious difference between using your credit card or your debit card is the way the funds are taken […]

  • If We Must Regulate The Credit Card Industry, Let’s Do It Wisely

    While doing my daily reading of the financial news and articles posted on popular personal finance news sites such as CNN Money I came across an interesting feature where Americans tell President Obama what they think he should do to fix the economy and their lives. While I’m not convinced that President Obama has the […]

  • Credit Cards 101

    What is a Credit card? How do I choose one? Why should I use a credit card instead of cash? I’ve been asked questions like these over and over again, usually by young people who are just starting to learn about the world of credit and personal finance. However it’s never too late (or too […]

  • Do You Play the Balance Transfer Game?

    Do you constantly find yourself chasing the next great credit card deal, whether it be no annual fee or 10,000 free airline miles or 0% interest for six months?  Is it an obsession or a compulsion?  Do you do it for the thrill of having yet another available credit line, or are you like a […]

  • The Automatic Millionaire: Chapter 7

    Today’s Friday Book Club will feature Chapter 7 of The Automatic Millionaire and is entitled The Automatic Debt-Free Lifestyle. In this chapter David Bach focuses on debt and lists several reasons why it is usually a bad thing to have and why wealthy people most often will not be in debt.  I really appreciate the […]

  • Young Ignoramuses

    How’s this for a hotly debated topic: Should credit card companies be punished for soliciting to youth and college age students? There’s many an argument out there in favor of punishing these companies for “hard-selling” their product to ignorant youth.  I’d wager that there’s probably just as many arguments saying that these companies have no […]