Saturday November 5th is Bank Transfer Day

Just yesterday I was blogging about saying no to bank fees and today I ran across this little bit of news:

This Saturday (November 5th) is Bank Transfer Day.

This was the first I’d heard about it (although I’m sure plenty of people have, considering there are already 76k people signed up on the Facebook event page). I wanted to pass it on to all of you as well. I talked about quitting your bank yesterday and what better time to do it than on Bank Transfer Day? The timing couldn’t have been better on this one.

So do yourself a favor and if you use a big bank switch it up. Go local or online, but don’t go national.

Here’s a few resources for you: (and don’t forget to check out the Facebook page for bank transfer day as well for more tips/resources)

My personal favorites for online banks (if you prefer to go that route instead of going local) are USAA (if you’re eligible), ING Direct, Ally Bank and PerkStreet Financial.

So will you be participating? Let me know in the comments!

2 responses to “Saturday November 5th is Bank Transfer Day”

  1. Not in the least. Wrote up my thoughts on the “event” and why I’m not participating last nigh as a matter of fact.

    When I saw the Facebook page I laughed. I mean, seriously, a stupid group started by a little girl that makes no sense will have half a million people liking it, so the credibility of having that many “attendees” on FB goes out the window. Just do a FB search for “The caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland smoking a hooka” and you’ll see almost 19k people like it.

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