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With the launch of Debit versus Credit I thought it would be a good idea to introduce not only myself, and my motivation for creating this web destination, but also the idea behind Debit versus Credit; the credo or mission statement, if you will.

My name is Joseph McClellan. I am a Global Business major with an emphasis in Finance, at the School of Global Management and Leadership at Arizona State University. I have developed a strong interest in finance over the past few years and have begun disciplining myself in order to achieve the financial goals that I have set for myself. I want what any other person in this world wants: financial security; food; shelter; a few toys here and there. I also have a strong desire to help others with not only my knowledge and drive, but also my financial independence. Don’t misunderstand me – I have not reached self-actualization, but I believe I am well on my way to achieving my dreams, and I want to help others do the same. This is the primary motivation for my creating Debit versus Credit.

Debit versus Credit is about more than just investing, more than just budgeting, more even than just business; it is about life experiences and how different ideas and financial strategies can be applied to ones own life. Our mission here at Debit versus Credit is to inform, educate, motivate and entertain you, our readers, on matters of financial (and practical) importance. Let us help you achieve your financial goals, one step at a time. Welcome to Debit versus Credit!

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  1. A very nice site here. I’ll be sure to look forward to any future updates. Cause man, I could sure use some good sound money advice.

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