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  • Money Isn’t Worth Much If You Never Get To Enjoy It

    Many things frustrate me. One of those things is that so many people emphasize earning money over everything else, including personal time for self development, hobbies, relaxation, philanthropy, vacations, family, etc. I want to talk a bit about this obsession with earning more and more money and spending less and less. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all […]

  • Don’t Be Too Frugal. You Only Live Once.

    Sometimes we get so wrapped up in frugality or saving money (or even earning more money) that we forget to live. I was reminded of this recently.

  • Automating your Finances

    I’ve been thinking a bit about money lately (OK, I’m actually always thinking about money) and where I want to be in the future with my finances. Over the years I’ve really taken to automating my finances, whether it be bills, savings accounts or even investing in the future (retirement, long-term purchases and goals). The […]

  • My Personal Finance Journey (my early 20s)

    During my personal finance journey I made quite a few mistakes. Unfortunately sometimes lessons can only be learned by experiencing them firsthand.

  • My Personal Finance Journey, the early years (0-21)

    I’m about a year and a half away from the big 3–oh-no! It’s a bit crazy how quickly time seems to fly isn’t it? That said, I’ve been reflecting a bit on things lately and I feel like now is a good time to talk about the personal finance journey that I’ve experienced thus far […]

  • Personal Finance Tips for Students

    As a student the last thing on your mind is probably personal finance, and related personal finance tips & advice. Nonetheless while you are in your 20’s you are at a critical point in your life and following personal finance tips for students is something you’ll wish you’d done when you are older. I guarantee […]