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I was reading the financial news today at CNN Money when I ran across an article highlighting presidential candidate Barack Obama’s plan for revitalizing the shrinking U.S. economy.  He says that he wants to spend billions of dollars on education, infrastructure, health and energy systems.  Specifically (and this is to improve America’s competitiveness according to the article) he wants to spend “$10 billion on childhood education, $150 billion over 10 years developing alternative energy and $60 billion over 10 years to build 21st-century infrastructure.  Where will the money come from to fund these spending plans?  By ending the war in Iraq, reducing government waste, charging polluters for greenhouse gas emissions and ending the Bush tax cuts, but only for wealthy individuals.

Not A Bad Idea, But Will It Really Work?

Honestly I’m all for increasing spending where it’s important for the future of the country, and more importantly the future of the world.  Education is a great place to spend money on (efficiently of course) and I’m definitely all for developing alternative energy.  Overall the places which Mr. Obama has outlined as important to spending I agree with.  However I’m not so sure how realistic it is to assume that the money to fund these plans will actually come.  The war in Iraq is probably likely to end if Obama is elected (at least if he does what he is saying he will), but what does it really mean when someone says that they want to reduce government waste?  Or charge polluters for greenhouse gas emissions?  These are quite vague.  I drive my car to work which means I emit greenhouse gases.  Does that mean I’ll be taxed for these pollutions?  Any ideas out there?

Globalization Is Inevitable

Another interesting part of this article was Barack Obama’s response when asked about protectionist trade policies designed to protect American jobs.  He said, “it is impossible to turn back the tide of globalization.”  Good man.  I’m glad that someone in Washington is smart enough to at least realize the truth of this matter.  We’re going global, whether we like it or not.  If we prepare for it and stay competitive then we’ll survive in a global market.  If we don’t and instead whine and complain and fight for protectionist trade policies and increased tariffs, etc. we’ll crash and burn as a global economic superpower.  I’m actually a fan of his policies regarding this.  I’m glad that he’s realized that we need to change and adapt, if we want to stay competitive.  Now if we could only convince everyone else…

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Eliahu Gal-Or June 18, 2008 at 7:35 am

I don’t dream of supporting Obama, he is just not good for the Jews, like an absurd piece of surgery on an anesthetized USA who can’t pay attention to which foot is being amputated by the drunk surgeon, the good one or the gangrenous one; unless America wakes up quickly enough from its bad case of immigration paranoia, and stop spitting in the plat it eats from, the honest labor of not only its legal and so to speak illegal immigrants already there, but of the 100, maybe even 200 millions it could comfortably absorb within the next generation and grow instead of continuing the diet which is going to maker it look like an Auschwitz inmate (not physically, carbohydrates will remain affordable as a path to obesity, but in the spiritual sense, lack of true love is hard on anybody’s system, and how can the world love anybady who is streakin at speed freak’s speed like a lemming to the cliff’?
The once almighty Dollar gets pummeled at the gas pump and in the sky, no real green policy is in sight…

These first 63 years of my life have taught me that whatever a politician says before being elected is the opposite of what (s)he will do once in the catbird seat, and the words I am about to quore, which I literally agree with, except for the stench of doublespeakevery pixel of Obama’s face exudes when I look at his picture, it chills my spine like a massage with solid CO2 and I can visualize him and Condi whirling to the tune of “La Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saens” at the funeral of the |”Brave Little Democracy in the Middle East” they are sharpening the knife to stab in the back. It’s OUR back, suckers!

And yet I do not get the same reaction at all when I hear Mc Cain, but quite the contrary; I feel that I can trust him at that HaSh-m is finally keeping His Promise to redeem His People, by sanding unbroken wrists to grab the rudder and steer what is left of the shrinking free world into a more stable course, of sifting the bullshit chaff from economic pseudo science, to return it to the status of the science it ought to be, for the fine meal to make quality bread AND brioches too for the huddled masses.

Stuck by the millions outside the Golden Gates, they beg to come in and build America back to its former glory, to unplug the sewer of history so that the you know who’s may be flushed down them once and for all, by a renewed wealth of which there is enough for everybody and then some, the America I lived in and loved in the Seventies, the America I still love but I had to leave then, and in retrospect I thank G-d for having left, because in Israel i live because it is my right as a Jew to CHOOSE to do so, not because a petty bureaucrat decides that I can, and when replaced in his/her job the next one might decide the contrary and deny me due process treating me like a disposable chattel.

I am not a US citizen, don’t plan on ever being one and couldn’t care less about a green card, nor do I want or need a job in Israel or in the Exile; however seven of my children are American by birth, as is their mother, the US have been the losers of their potential contribution to society, and Israel gained it instead.

The only reason I regret it is because I can’t vote for McCain and so take a couple of atoms off Obama’s chair; but |I am a Jew, one who believes in G-d and no one can ever stop me from praying, even by taking me out of this world, because I can keep on praying in the next world too, with even less distractions, that there be enough sane Americans, and as few as possible gullible ones, to make sure that the next President of the United States of America is Edward McCain, and that nobody shove down his throat Obama as the Vice president either, as a malignant tootache piercing his honest brain. Period.

The Lord is with me, and I shall not fear; therefore I am signing with my real name and posting my comment here too

let’s see if it gets there at all and how much time it remains in place!

Eliahu Gal-Or

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