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  • Side Hustle, Meet Full-Time Hustle

    Last week I mentioned I would be using my skills in HTML/CSS/Wordpress to earn more money on the side. Turns out I’ll be hustling full-time from here on out. I am no longer a full-time employee (or any type of employee) so I find myself in a position of either looking for another job or […]

  • 5 Common Financial Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    Today we’re featuring a guest post from Trisha Wagner of The decision to start a new business is never easy; deciding to launch a new business in the current economy can be downright frightening.  Statistics show that you are just as likely to fail as you are to succeed, and one of the main […]

  • Apple: Are They Unstoppable?

    Through my daily readings I came across several articles about Apple’s (AAPL) quarterly earnings report and was pleasantly surprised to find that even in the midst of an economic slowdown they made fantastic earnings and even broke a quarterly sales record for their flagship line of Macintosh computers. Some of you are probably aware that […]

  • The Importance Of Planning And Ideas For Fundraising Activities

    In any given community there are a number of organizations and associations who rely heavily upon fundraising methods. Often the success that they have in fundraising allows them to stay operational, provide services, purchase needed supplies, etc. In fact, if looking at the budget of any not-for-profit in your community one would find that their […]

  • IndyMac Bank Falls

    It’s not every day that a multi-billion dollar bank fails and is taken over by the FDIC.  However last friday (July 11th, 2008) IndyMac Bank was seized by federal regulators after it was deemed illiquid and unable to continue on with business as usual.  As you may have read elsewhere The Office of Thrift Supervision […]

  • What I Learned In Mexico: Business Negotiation

    This is the first of several “What I Learned in Mexico” posts, all of which will have some relation to my study abroad down in Monterrey.  Today I’ll be focusing on doing business in Mexico and more specifically, business negotiation practices.  These business negotiation practices are custom-tailored for doing business in Mexico, but it’s important […]

  • Greed, Poor Management.. or Both?

    If you try to keep up on business news like I do, then by now you have read about Intel and their third-quarter record sales. These record sales can be attributed to strong demand for laptop and notebook computers (on a side note, I do wonder how much of this can be attributed to the […]