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Make it Automatic

Building Wealth
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How much is your time worth? What are you paying yourself for every hour you work?  Today over 75% of those retiring have only social security to depend on.  The retirement lifestyle this creates is not one filled with the dreams from your youth.  It is one that lacks the funds for travels you thought […]

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Automating your Finances

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I’ve been thinking a bit about money lately (OK, I’m actually always thinking about money) and where I want to be in the future with my finances. Over the years I’ve really taken to automating my finances, whether it be bills, savings accounts or even investing in the future (retirement, long-term purchases and goals). The […]

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Pay Yourself First Doesn’t Mean You Can Live Beyond Your Means

Personal Finance

It’s your money and I don’t have any right to tell you what to do with it. On the other hand, you’re here because you’re looking for advice. So consider this advice: Don’t blow all of your savings on your lifestyle! If you’ve set up an automatic savings plan (about the only budget that most […]

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