5 Must Read Tips For New Graduates

Personal Finance

Many of you know that I’m currently attending Arizona State University where I’m working on a Global Business/Financial Management Degree. Well I’m coming to the end of the line at ASU, as I am on track to graduate in May. I’m getting pretty excited to graduate and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find […]

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What Everyone Who Has US Dollars Needs to Know About China

The Economy

Today we’ll be featuring a guest post from Simit Patel, a contributing analyst at As the recent economic turbulence has shown us, we live in a global economy. And thus, if you want to astutely manage your finances, you need to know about how global factors can affect your wealth. And if you hold […]

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Revitalize Economy? Spend Says Obama


I was reading the financial news today at CNN Money when I ran across an article highlighting presidential candidate Barack Obama’s plan for revitalizing the shrinking U.S. economy.  He says that he wants to spend billions of dollars on education, infrastructure, health and energy systems.  Specifically (and this is to improve America’s competitiveness according to […]

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