The Rule of 72

Finance 101

I’m a huge fan of math tricks, especially when it makes solving complex issues just a little bit easier. There’s a great trick that can be used to easily figure out how long it will take compounding interest to double your investment: it’s called The Rule of 72. This is an easy trick. You simply […]

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Investing for Beginners: Analyzing Financial Statements, pt. 2

Investing for Beginners

Today we’ll be continuing the Investing for Beginners series with an introduction to interpreting a companies Balance Sheet as well as their Statement of Cash Flows.  Let’s begin with the balance sheet. The Balance Sheet There are a lot more rows to this one eh? Don’t get intimidated, there is nothing to it! I promise. […]

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Investing For Beginners: Analyzing Financial Statements

Investing for Beginners

Today I’ll be continuing the multi-part series Investing for Beginners.  Don’t forget to read the first part, Stock Market Basics if you haven’t already.  If you want to keep updated with new additions to the Investing for Beginners series then don’t forget to subscribe to the Debit versus Credit RSS feed.  Today I’ll be covering […]

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The Worst Years of My (Financial) Life


I have a confession to make. It wasn’t very long ago that I experienced the worst few years of my life, financially speaking. In the latter-half of 2004 I began my adult life full-force, and I hate to admit, but I began it quite poorly. In not very much time at all I managed to […]

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