Weekend Reading: June 28th

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There’s been some great reading online this past week.  A lot of the links that I’m posting this week are related to simple ways to save money, which should come in handy with the quickly increasing cost of living that we’re experiencing here in the U.S.

David at Moneyning posted some fantastic advice on how to take advantage of the wonder that is google, specifically google alerts, by setting up alerts for when coupons and deals are taking place for items that you have been searching for.  Check out Setup Google Alerts to Get Coupons and Deals.

Pinyo at Moolanomy is looking out for those who are looking at potentially buying a house in the near future.  He gives some fantastic advice on how you can test your finances and see if you can really afford that house payment.  Check out Test Drive Your Home Ownership Experience.

Is the price of gas killing your finances lately?  It’s getting warm outside now too… what are you going to do about your increased energy bill?  Trent at The Simple Dollar has some practical advice about using ceiling fans in order to be able to use your air conditioning less.  Check out Ceiling Fan Hacks: Save Big on Energy Use.

Here’s one for those of you interesting in investing ideas. Jonathan at My Money Blog posted an update talking about a new global index fund from Vanguard.  Might not be a bad fund to invest in if you’re interested in diversifying into the global market.  Check out Vanguard’s New Global Stock Index Fund.

That’s it for this weekend.  See ya next week!  ^_^

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