Weekend Reading: June 21st

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Buenos Noches everyone!  It’s my last night in Mexico, so you can fully expect some updates about what I’ve learned and experienced while here… look for that sometime next week.  In the meantime here’s some links to what I’ve been reading this week.

David from moneyning wrote a fantastic post about practicing patience when it comes to making purchasing decisions.  He gives some nice practical advice about what you can do to avoid making impulse purchases which you might regret at a later time.  Check out Patience Will Keep Us From Spending Unnecessary Money.

Pinyo from Moolanomy wrote about a challenge he ran across called the 100 pushup challenge.  He explains why he thinks health is a huge part of personal finance.  Check out Better Health and Finances With 100 Pushups. (On a side note I’m going to participate in the 100 push up challenge.  More on this soon.)

Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote a profound post about addiction, how it affects personal finances and ways to overcome all types of addictions.  A must read for anyone, especially if you have this problem or know anyone with it.  Check out Addiction and Personal Finance.

I normally wouldn’t post mainstream articles posted on sites such as CNN Money or Yahoo Finance, but I ran across a really interesting article about Bill Gates and what he plans to do with his time now that he’ll be retiring from working full-time at Microsoft.  Definitely an interesting read.  Check it out at CNN Money.

That’s it for this week!  I’ll be back on June 23rd with some new updates!

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