A Day in the Life of a Financial Advisor (a little humor for your Monday)

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Here’s a pretty funny video that was shown to me. I got a total kick out of it.

Disclaimer: there is swearing at the end of the video when the financial advisor drops an f-bomb.

Watch it? Good. For those who don’t mind thinking a little today, (I know, I know it’s Monday, but bear with me here) I just wanted to have a short discussion about the video, so keep on reading!


Spoiler alert for those who have not watched the video yet (what are you waiting for?)


The client lies about having children because she doesn’t think the financial advisor needs to know such a thing. She has unrealistic expectations for retirement, especially considering that she wants to pull a fifth of what she has in her 401k out to buy herself a new car. On top of all of that she insists on investing in things like gold and possibly using some of her 401k money to help pay for her kid’s college as well. This may or may not be a realistic portrayal of one client, but I guarantee a financial advisor will run into each of these situations individually every single day. By the end of the video it’s obvious that she really only wants advice from the advisor if it coincides with what she wants to do. She won’t be swayed. Of course, she also won’t be retiring in 5 years.


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