May 2012

Five Things to Do Before You Call Customer Service

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Since December, I’ve spent more time on the phone with my internet service provider than I care to admit. Despite dozens of calls, a new modem and router, and a few appointments with a “qualified technician,” my home internet connection drops every 20-30 minutes.  Pretty annoying for someone who makes a living working from home! […]

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I’m Going To Do Some Side Hustling

Self Help and Motivational

I’ve become a big proponent of earning more money to better yourself financially, over the past several years. The thing is, I’ve talked about it and thought about it and even briefly blogged about it, but I’ve never actually done any side-hustling myself. That all is about to change. If you’ve been following my blog […]

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A Quick Guide To Repairing Your Finances After College

Personal Finance

If you are the super sensible type of college grad who spent all of your time at school working hard to stay afloat, you might well have come out with your diploma as well as a nice pot of savings – or at least not too much debt. If on the other hand you didn’t (like 99% […]

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