January 2009

Why A Large Down Payment Isn’t Always Best, Take Two.

Loans and Credit

Yesterday I posted a blog entry about down payments when purchasing a home and why I found that paying extra down doesn’t necessarily save you much money over the life of the loan. Turns out that my findings were highly controversial. Before you do anything else make sure to read Does A Large Down Payment […]

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Saving Money at Lunch Time


Today we’re featuring a guest post from the good folks at BeattheEconomy2009.com Every parent wants to send their child off school with a good, healthy lunch. Mine did. However, many parents mistake a good lunch as one filled with attractively-packaged, sugary, expensive items. This should not be the case. Packing a brown bag lunch will […]

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Does A Large Down Payment Save Money In The Long Run?

Loans and Credit

I love spreadsheets. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a total spreadsheet nerd. My wife and I have been talking lately about buying a house sometime next year and that’s led me to do some number crunching in Excel, trying to figure out how much money we should put down on a house. […]

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Have You Had To Adjust To A Reduction In Salary?


The United States economy shed about 2 million jobs in 2008. Some people have been fortunate enough to keep their jobs but have had to accept salary cuts. The point is that millions of people have had serious reductions in salary. Are you one of these people? [poll id="4"] While browsing through financial reporting sites […]

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The Rule of 72

Finance 101

I’m a huge fan of math tricks, especially when it makes solving complex issues just a little bit easier. There’s a great trick that can be used to easily figure out how long it will take compounding interest to double your investment: it’s called The Rule of 72. This is an easy trick. You simply […]

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Credit Repair For Sale: Just Say No

Loans and Credit

We will clean your credit up, no matter how bad it is. Bankruptcies, bad loans, judgments and liens – we can remove it all. You’ve probably heard lines similar to this before. Maybe you heard it on the radio, maybe you saw a commercial on television, or maybe you saw an ad online or in […]

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Fix Up Old Furniture and Save Your Funds


Today we’re featuring a guest post from moneybargainideas.com. In a difficult economy, there are many creative ways to save money that don’t necessarily require searching for discounts or clipping coupons. For example, do you have a beloved, but old chair that’s starting to look a little rough around the edges? Maybe a flea market find […]

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