November 2008

Common Identity Theft Scams And How To Avoid Them

Personal Finance

Yesterday in the post Identity Theft is No Laughing Matter I shared some basic information with you about identity theft. Today I’d like to take this one step further and educate you on some specific scams used to obtain your personal information. My hope is that by educating you on these scams you’ll be less […]

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Identity Theft is No Laughing Matter

Personal Finance

While watching The Office the other day I saw an episode where Jim, the office prankster, comes in dressed like Dwight, an annoying paper salesman. At first Dwight doesn’t realize that Jim is making fun of him, but after Jim starts to argue with Dwight about bears (Dwight’s favorite animal), he becomes enraged and shouts, […]

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Are You Still Actively Investing?

Personal Finance

The market has been more than crazy over the past several months. It’s a bit depressing to look at all of the losses that I’ve had, at least on paper, but I know that eventually it’ll all come back. Nonetheless it’s definitely scary out there for a lot of people. I’m interested to know how […]

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What The Hell Is Going On In Washington?


I’d really like to know what is going on in Washington. What runs through the minds of our so-called congressmen and congresswomen? Why is it that we’ll pony up $700 billion dollars with just the snap of a finger to help battle a crazy mortgage related mess but we’re too damn poor (or are we […]

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What Everyone Who Has US Dollars Needs to Know About China

The Economy

Today we’ll be featuring a guest post from Simit Patel, a contributing analyst at As the recent economic turbulence has shown us, we live in a global economy. And thus, if you want to astutely manage your finances, you need to know about how global factors can affect your wealth. And if you hold […]

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Why Another Rate Cut Could Do More Harm Than Good

The Economy

It’s clear that the root cause of the financial difficulties that we’re facing in the United States is not related to credit being too expensive. It’s quite the opposite in fact – credit is cheap right now but many banks are actually cutting back on lending. So what gives? Why are we sliding into a […]

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Achieving Wealth and Prosperity

Personal Finance

As a personal finance blogger I find it interesting to read other personal finance blogs not only to learn from these individuals but also to see how they perceive money and the world around them. You can always find links to some of my favorite finance blogs in my blogroll, but today I want to […]

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