June 2008

Weekend Reading: June 28th

Weekend Reading

There’s been some great reading online this past week.  A lot of the links that I’m posting this week are related to simple ways to save money, which should come in handy with the quickly increasing cost of living that we’re experiencing here in the U.S. David at Moneyning posted some fantastic advice on how […]

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The Automatic Millionaire: Chapter 5

Finance 101

Now that I’m finally back in the swing of things here at Debit versus Credit I’m ready to bring back a popular feature (and one which I enjoyed very much): Friday Book Club. I began Friday Book Club in November of 2007 with three goals.  First, to be able to share what I’m learning with […]

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Finally! No New Rate Cut!

Personal Finance

Ben Bernanke and the Fed decided today to leave their federal funds rate at its current level of 2%.  They’re finally starting to worry about inflation and seem to think that there is much more upside risk (by inflation of course) than downside risk (recession and a slowing economy) at this point.  I’m inclined to […]

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What I Learned In Mexico: Business Negotiation


This is the first of several “What I Learned in Mexico” posts, all of which will have some relation to my study abroad down in Monterrey.  Today I’ll be focusing on doing business in Mexico and more specifically, business negotiation practices.  These business negotiation practices are custom-tailored for doing business in Mexico, but it’s important […]

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Weekend Reading: June 21st

Weekend Reading

Buenos Noches everyone!  It’s my last night in Mexico, so you can fully expect some updates about what I’ve learned and experienced while here… look for that sometime next week.  In the meantime here’s some links to what I’ve been reading this week. David from moneyning wrote a fantastic post about practicing patience when it […]

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Revitalize Economy? Spend Says Obama


I was reading the financial news today at CNN Money when I ran across an article highlighting presidential candidate Barack Obama’s plan for revitalizing the shrinking U.S. economy.  He says that he wants to spend billions of dollars on education, infrastructure, health and energy systems.  Specifically (and this is to improve America’s competitiveness according to […]

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Weekend Reading: June 14th

Weekend Reading

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Reading. A lot of blogs out there do this and I think it’s a fantastic idea. Most of the following links are from my blogroll, so I’d definitely recommend your taking the time to go through the blogs I link to occasionally. There’s some great information out there. […]

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