October 2007

National Get Out of Debt Day


October 30th is National Get Out of Debt Day. How are you doing at getting rid of your debt, if you have any at all? Is your level of debt increasing, or is it decreasing? I have been slowly paying down my debt over the past few years. I am debt-free when it comes to […]

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The Worst Years of My (Financial) Life


I have a confession to make. It wasn’t very long ago that I experienced the worst few years of my life, financially speaking. In the latter-half of 2004 I began my adult life full-force, and I hate to admit, but I began it quite poorly. In not very much time at all I managed to […]

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My 33% Savings Plan

Personal Finance

One of the most difficult things that I’ve ever had to do when it comes to my finances is to set a budget and actually stick to it. I have found that when it comes to personal budgeting that less is more, and what I mean by this is that the less you have to […]

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Greed, Poor Management.. or Both?


If you try to keep up on business news like I do, then by now you have read about Intel and their third-quarter record sales. These record sales can be attributed to strong demand for laptop and notebook computers (on a side note, I do wonder how much of this can be attributed to the […]

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Welcome to Debit versus Credit


With the launch of Debit versus Credit I thought it would be a good idea to introduce not only myself, and my motivation for creating this web destination, but also the idea behind Debit versus Credit; the credo or mission statement, if you will. My name is Joseph McClellan. I am a Global Business major […]

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Are You Ignoring Free Money?


Do you have any rich relatives or friends? If one of them were to call you up and tell you that if you invest your money in a mutual fund that they would match dollar-for-dollar up to 5% of your investment amount, would you turn them down? I would hope not. Unfortunately this is exactly […]

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